Signature HealthCARE at The Courtyard Honors National Rehabilitation Awareness Week!

In honor of National Rehabilitation Awareness Week from September 20, 2009 through September 26, 2009, Signature HealthCARE at the Courtyard would like to recognize its dedicated and compassionate rehabilitation team!

Signature HealthCARE at the Courtyard’s therapy department has over 45 combined years of experience with a dedicated team which includes Karen Arunakul, Speech Language Pathologist; Steffani Barber, Rehabilitation Manager and Occupational Therapist; Nikki Dodd and Tannikka Godwin, Physical Therapy Assistants; Kandac Mills, Rehabilitation Technician; Nan Barfield, Occupational Therapist; Jeffery Hamilton, Physical Therapist; and Donna Sapp, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.

Courtyard offers physical, occupational and speech therapy services in both in-patient and out-patient settings.  The facility provides ongoing restorative therapy to maintain resident’s highest level of mobility and independence.  The rehabilitation to home program provides continuity of care with out-patient therapy and home assessments to insure their homes are safe and accessible.  Courtyard utilizes new technologies such as Nintendo® Wii™ for virtual reality rehabilitation training.

Signature HealthCARE at The Courtyard is revolutionizing the long term care industry through a culture of elder-centered healthcare services, personalized spirituality, quality of life initiatives, and employee development and empowerment.

Picture:   From left, front row, Karen Arunakul (Speech Language Pathologist), Steffani Barber (Rehabilitation Manager and Occupational Therapist), Nikki Dodd (Physical Therapy Assistant).  Back Row, Kandace Mills (Rehabilitation Technician), Nan Barfield (Occupational Therapist), Jeffery Hamilton (Physical Therapist), Donna Sapp (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) and Tannikka Godwin (Physical Therapy Assistant).