A Day of Devotion

Chuck Hansford was recently baptized at Signature HealthCARE at The Courtyard, where he lives.

It’s a milestone for anyone who makes the decision, but the event all the more significant for Hansford given his circumstances during the past few years.

Just over five years ago, Chuck Hansford was in a vehicle accident that rendered him quadriplegic. About four years ago, he became a resident at SHC at The Courtyard. His mother, Jean Hansford, said he decided prior to the accident to give his life to God, but had not yet been baptized.

On (date here), with the help River Town Community Church and Pastor Tyler Ford, along with Chaplain Darren Tucker, he was baptized in his room. His brother, grandmother and parents were on hand to help celebrate.

The following Sunday, pictures of the baptism were shown at River Town Community Church.

“It was an amazing day for the family, full of one miracle after another,” said Tracie Land, Admissions/Marketing Director at SHC at The Courtyard.