Twice as Sweet

“They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.” -Psalm 126:5

Just when Amy thought her work might go down the drain, a miracle came through. Working with the poor in Atlanta was the best job and the worst job she had ever had. She specifically worked in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and there was nothing more gratifying than getting someone back on his or her feet. Yet, for everyone that got cleaned up, there were a dozen more in need. Money was tight, and things didn’t look good. Amy went home at night and cried for all the work left undone and all the people in misery. Then, the grant came through: Enough money to keep the doors open for a year. Amy felt like God truly did care about what she was doing. All the sweat and tears paid off.

Joy that comes to us in times of despair is twice as sweet. When we care intensely about our world and the people in it, we will be moved to tears, and at times we will even feel like giving up. Thankfully, the tears will turn to joy, for all is in God’s hands and His timing. He will transform and make all things new. Those who care most deeply will rejoice all the more. Take heart!

Dear Lord, help us to keep on keeping on when we feel most like giving up. Those are the times when you show up and let us know that You never leave us and will come to turn our tears into joy if we faint not. Thank you, Lord, for your great mercy and faithfulness. Amen.

Carol Harrison
Chaplain Program Director
Signature Consulting Service, LLC