“Brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast.” 2 Thessalonians 2: 5

As we store up experiences moving through life, the irony often is that one of the things we so often fail to remember is what a great gift that remembrance itself truly is.

Remembering is our time machine; it brings back to life the great moments that we have lived – as well as the many lessons we may have learned. It helps us create our outlook on life; it celebrates our loved ones and the times we have had together. It shapes our perspectives in order to give our lives so much of its meaning.

On this day in 2001, many gave their all; on this day many rose to challenges they would have never imagined; on this day many people’s lives changed forever and also on this day many made supreme sacrifices. We celebrate the gift of remembrance by standing firm and holding fast this day; by our remembrance we give renewed life to those who on this day experienced tragedy that many of us can only imagine. And we felt it with them and for our nation and for the threat that loomed. But we rebuilt and today we stand, remembering where we were, how it felt and showered them, then and now, in compassion and hope.

Lord we thank you for the gift of remembrance and all that it brings to so many. We ask you enliven us this day as we remember those who gave so much and ask that you walk with us into the best future that can be created by following your guiding light.

Stephen Bowling