Devotional: CATCH ME

Catch Me
by Wilford Collins, Director of Facility Ops

O’Lord I have run from the man
You want me to be.
And for that I am so ashamed,
But, I am the only one to blame.
O’Lord, so won’t you catch me?

Catch me when I fall O’Lord
Lift me up with your gentle and loving hands.
Will you please answer my call Lord?
O’Lord please help me with life’s demands.
As life pulls and tugs at me
I try to be the man you want me to be

Catch me, lift me up and fill me
With hope and love
Lord let the light shine down
On me from above

As I go my way day by day
O’Lord I ask that you stay.
Catch me as I stumble through my day
O’Lord as I go through my day sometimes
I want to flee
O’Lord I ask that you catch me
And answer my plea