Elder Spotlight for March: Madeline Barfield

Our elder spotlight for March is Ms. Madeline Barfield. She was born in England on March 15, 1942. She grew up on a small farm in the country. Her parents were William and Madeline Stephens. Ms. Barfield had one brother, Bruce Brown. She said her brother always got to go to sea and have adventures, and she had to stay at home. Ms. Barfield said she thinks that led to her adventurous spirit.

She attended boarding school and college in England. She worked as a nurse for two years, a teacher for eight years, both in England, and for two years she taught school in Malaya. She moved with her husband from England in 1970 to Australia, his native country.

Ms. Barfield worked in law enforcement after moving to the United States. She was a Sergeant for 16 years in Tallahassee, Florida. Ms. Barfield volunteered with Hospice for six months and she worked with victims of rape for over two years. Ms. Barfield is most proud of the work she did with rape victims. She would go to the hospital, help council, and just be there for the victims in the time they needed help and felt so vulnerable.

She moved to Marianna six years ago. Though now widowed, she was married to her husband, Lloyd Barfield, for 20 years. She has a daughter, Una Barfield. Ms. Barfield enjoys listening to music (Opera and the Beatles), knitting, bird watching, drinking hot cocoa, and watching mysteries on TV. Since moving into the Courtyard in August of 2014, Ms. Barfield’s sweet personality and kind words of encouragement have helped encourage and support her peers.